Asbestos Abatement

Quality Air Controllers, Inc. is a Texas based fully licensed (TDH #80-0200), insured (A+) asbestos abatement company. Additionally, QAC is also a Texas licensed asbestos waste transporter (TDH #40-0057)

QAC has an in-house staff of highly trained and licensed professionals and technicians with a broad range of experience who are capable of responding to asbestos abatement projects in a diligent and efficient manner. QAC is dedicated in providing its employees with the safest and most enjoyable work environment to facilitate a more productive work team. 

At QAC, we are dedicated to providing our clients with prompt quality services with an emphasis on utilizing the most practical and cost-effective techniques. For over 30 years, QAC has safely and efficiently completed a broad range of asbestos abatement projects from emergency response situations to long-range, planned remediation projects, QAC handles very small jobs or large-scale multi-storied building renovation and has worked with Fortune 500 telecommunication companies, Fortune 500 companies, college campuses, office buildings, churches, and more.

AAsbestos Abatement project by Quality Air Controllerst QAC, we proudly provide the same high-quality service to all our clients regardless of project size. Our service market includes commercial, industrial, telecommunication, and institutional clients. QAC is committed to completing all projects on schedule while maintaining continued control of quality and safety. Each project undertaken by QAC is staffed according to scheduling constraints and needs of the client. In addition, the professional project management delivery techniques we have developed, enable us to provide timely, precise and accurate information to our clients. We have a consistent record of completing projects on time and within budget. 

Our team of highly skilled specialists are trained in the latest Local/State/Federal Rules and Regulations, OSHA, health and safety procedures, emerging EPA regulations, and techniques. Our technicians undergo routine annual physicals and medical fit-tests as part of our safety program.

QAC offers an intensive and successful Operations and Maintenance (O&M) program that is available to all our clients. Our technicians can perform a variety of O&M procedures when the removal of asbestos is not feasible or budget restrictive. These procedures, coupled with training our clients, can and often do save thousands of dollars while keeping safety and health as a top priority. In addition, QAC employees are thoroughly experienced in all phases of asbestos hazard correction including emergency response work. 

Truck trash bags asbestos clean up safelyWe are available to respond to ANY emergency situation that may arise. We have a fully trained and licensed response team that is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for many of our existing corporate clients. We can isolate and regulate asbestos hazard potential until a course of action can be developed and the asbestos hazard is fully identified. Once a plan of action for the abatement work has been outlined by licensed consultants or approved by the Local, State or Federal Regulatory agencies, we are available to proceed with the necessary abatement and decontamination procedures. We also can add your company to our client list for potential emergency response. 

Please contact us anytime for a confidential estimate or consultation proposal regarding any aspect of asbestos work.