Disinfecting Services & Turnkey Design

It is more important than ever to ensure cleanliness in your facilities to help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to the need for thorough cleaning and disinfection that prevents the spread of viruses. This is important for business owners, building owners, schools, and any facility that caters to the public and to the well-being of their employees. We provide full surface disinfection which are applied in combination with routine cleaning services.

We focus on high-touch surfaces using electrostatic spraying systems to disperse the cleaning agents.  The chemicals and disinfectants are all approved by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and we specifically select the most appropriate disinfectants for different surfaces or locations in your facility. We strictly adhere to the suggestions and guidelines set by the Texas State Department of Health Guidelines (TDH), OSHA, CDC, and EPA.

We offer a regular application schedule to keep up with the normal traffic of employees and customers and to limit exposure on cross-contaminated surfaces. This schedule is customizable based upon your specific needs. The CDC has implemented new standards to help fight the spread of contaminates in public places and Quality Air Controllers is dedicated to working closely with your business to meet these expectations during your daily operations.

Design Services

QAC also provides a unique turnkey service that creates a disinfection process and layout for every floor throughout the entire building with signage, hand sanitizer stations, and disinfection procedures. We utilize registered professional engineers and architects to create your customized plan and detail the implementation process. We adhere to TDH, CDC, EPA, and OSHA guidelines as we evaluate your needs during the development of this layout and design.  

We establish sign locations and wording along with strategic positioning of hand sanitizing stations after analyzing traffic flow and patterns. Along with the design, Quality Air Controllers can provide all installation, the full service of installation, process implementation, and disinfection execution. 

Utilizing this strategy will only provide additional protection but the most important factor is the commitment by all our great citizens to focus and comply on the basic precautions as suggested by the various agencies who provide guidelines for this pandemic.

The professional staff associated with Quality Air Controllers has the experience and knowledge to provide suggestions for design implementation for air conditioning and ventilation systems.